3 Hottest Jobs in The Emerging Field of Information Technology

Finding a job is one thing, finding a dream job that makes you rich and gives you a career that is no match for something ordinary is different. Students, especially when they graduate, have big dreams, objectives and aspirations, which is why they generally want to find such dream and fantasy jobs. However, the reality is different than the perceptions and expectations. Your dream job, will obviously be much more than what you are today, which means it will require you to be more mature, better equipped and have enough experience. To achieve all that first you need to go through a career progression after which you can finally claim your dream job or dream role.

Speaking about careers and dream jobs, in these tough economic times around the world, finding a good job that promises a lot is often difficult to find. People now have to choose specific industries, in order to ensure that first they get a good employment, secondly those industries must promise a career progression, that is not only beneficial in monetary terms but also in terms of growth and success. If you are someone who belongs to Information Technology and is getting worried about the fact that you might not find good enough paying jobs then follow the later sections of the article to find 5 of the hottest jobs related to the industry of Information Technology.
Being a business architect
Companies, who work on the age old philosophy of brick and mortar, might not consider business architects as people who are integral to information technology. However, this is a fact that technology drives businesses and goals. Technology infrastructure is laid down by experts, business architects are people who are experts in aligning technology and assisting business, business growth and achievement of objectives through the use of technology. So if you are aiming to become business architects any time soon, then companies, especially the modern ones are waiting for you.
Data Analyst
Data mining, data structuring, usage and transfer of information as well as interpreting it for your own benefit is the next hot job in line. The use of the information with the assistance of technology is what drives research departments in most of the places in the world. So Data Analyst is another hot job on the market. Learn to use the data to your benefit and you will be demanded by everyone around. Data Analysts might seem to be boring and performing a very cagy role, but they are served and paid tremendous amounts with amazing career paths globally.
Social Media and Digital Media
The rate at which digital or social media is spreading its wings, there is a huge gap created between the resources and work. People demand specialists and masters of social or digital media across the globe. Studying digital and social media is the next best thing. Digital Media especially in the European world is growing immensely, so if you are looking to be creative, earn money and find global opportunities then get involved in the digital media scene.
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