5 Essential Features of The Latest Web Designs

Technology is constantly improving; in order to make the most of your online presence it is essential to regularly evaluate your website and social media profiles.  Criteria for search engine rankings also changes regularly and you need to keep informed of all the latest developments. 
This can be a difficult task!  Updating social profiles, blogs and creating new content is time consuming in itself; add in updating your website design to keep track of the latest stuff and you either need a dedicated, in-house marketing team or you must opt to outsource this valuable part of your business. 
Many companies are choosing to outsource; this can be the most efficient way to ensure your digital marketing stays abreast o current technology.  If you outsource your digital needs it is essential to select a business which has a good reputation; companies such as 2marketing.com, who are based in Toronto, Canada specialise in offering the best service.
Five of the latest web design featuresthey will be able to advise you on are:
1.       Style
It is becoming increasingly common for companies to have their own, customised fonts.  This is to assist with brand recognition.  Customers and potential customers will quickly associate a particular font with a company; this will ensure you are remembered when they need your services.
The font size can be changed to show when you can link through to other pages or additional information and the background can complement the font whilst helping to set the scene.  Colours and font can be particularly effective at expressing the fun side of your business.
2.       Images
The use of one large image is becoming very popular.  They can be used to tell your story at a quick glance, or, can be overwritten with some text to provide the most important information to your visitors.  Images are extremely effective as they fit with the limited time that many viewers have available and they are also visible regardless of the medium they are using; tablet, Smartphone or desktop.
3.       Video
Just as pictures can quickly capture the eye of a customer so can a video.  The trick is to keep the video relatively short and light hearted.  This will encourage a potential customer to stay on your site and watch the video and learn about your business.  It has been shown that the human mind will absorb information from a video much faster than it will from text.
4.       Menus
A menu is an essential item on any web page, it is the means by which a visitor will navigate around your site and find the information they need.  However, a detailed menu may appear overwhelming and put off potential customers.  The latest web designs use ‘Hamburger menus’; these are short, just three lines ling and is hidden until your visitor needs it.  This has been shown to increase conversion rate and actually help customers find the information they need.  Keeping the menu off the screen, except when required also offers a cleaner, better looking webpage.
5.       Flat Design


Designers were looking at introducing 3D images into web pages; however, the latest web designs stick with flat images.  It has been shown that information portrayed in this way is absorbed more quickly by a viewer; more importantly, it is much quicker to load a page with flat images than a 3D page.  Loading speed is important as people have limited time and may be accessing the web page from a portable device.