AIVVA Android app Beta Testing.

Thanks a lot beta testers. :-D.

This is the beta release of the app. Even though I have tried my best to make it perfect. It might contain a lot of bugs, it might crash, it might not even start at all or it might even run perfectly.

Functions –
 – Opens up any app you want, just say ‘open/start/initialize’ followed by the name of the app you want to start. e.g. – Open MX Player
 – Calls any contact in your phone. Say ‘call’ followed by the contact name**.
 – Send messages on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Hike, say ‘send whatsapp’ or ‘send hike’ or even SMS by saying just ‘send’ followed by your message and then simply select the contact you want to send it to.
 – Search google, by saying ‘search’ and the term you want to search.
 – Search maps, does the same but searches for maps instead
 – ‘Temperature’ command shows the temperature of your location by redirecting you to AccuWeather.
 – Torch can be turned on and off. Say – ‘torch on’
 – WiFi, Bluetooth, Data*** can be turned on and off. E.g. ‘Wifi on’.
 – Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division between two numbers. E.g. – add 56 and 43, divide 16 by 4, 5 8 times, etc.
 – Get square and square root of a number. say ‘square of ‘ followed by the number.
 – Put phone on silent mode, vibrate mode and ringer mode. Just say the name of the mode you want.

AIVVA was a small project developed by me for academic purposes. It was then redesigned for global release. Along with this I will be releasing the entire source code for this app. You just need to request it. Contact me on – for it.

* – Offline Access can be done by downloading the English Language pack of 18 MBs from the Google voice menu.
** – Non-English names can be easily understood when Online. But can be misread when offline.
*** – Data cannot be directly turned on. Android 4.2 and above doesn’t allow that. This function takes you the settings where you can turn it on.