Four Interesting Technology Insights for 2018

It is not a secret that technology is constantly changing around us. Overnight, we can come across such drastic changes that they can change how we operate things in our daily lives. Comparing the life of the previous decade and today, we can safely say that the dynamics of so many things around us have changed for good. The automation process and technological advancements are so amazingly being discovered that there is no stopping technology and the industry now. Whether you are a user or someone directly related to technology, this field is never going to disappoint you.
The growth and breakthrough innovations that we saw in 2015 and there is still a quarter to go is only going to take up a more concrete shape in the near future. The Google ground breaking projects, new smart phones and advanced computers all will grow at an immense rate to provide something new to think about in the next year. In the light of such advancements, our blog today will share interesting insights related to various unorthodox technological discoveries and departments and how they are going to shape up in the New Year to come.
Virtual Reality
If you have been a regular in following technological news and blogs, then you must be aware of how fast virtual reality is becoming a passionate and a fast progressing area of the technological world. The recent progress in virtual reality and interest can be judged from the fact that companies like Samsung, Facebook, Google and HTC Corp are all pitching in with their innovative projects since the mid of this year. Early reports and forecasts on technology are simply outstanding, it has been forecasted that by 2018, over 25 million virtual reality sets and devices will be sold.
Electronic Gaming
It might come as a surprise, but the gaming industry is booming much faster than the media or television industry. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on gaming development and production. The gaming industry is ruled by two giants, namely Sony and Microsoft, but the competition is still fierce with both trying to keep their offerings unique and also capturing each other’s audience base. The electronic gaming further goes to progress in 2016 with more innovations, heavier graphics and more close to reality gaming. Fans will also take active participation in the gaming industry and promote it.
Internet with its various elements is constantly evolving, with its increasing penetration, there will be more changes in 2016. The growth of websites, security and social media platforms will all focus on the growth of the internet.
The television industry might slow down a bit. The introduction of smart television and 3D television sets, still needs to grow to its full potential. The penetration will also increase in terms of audience as the buying power increases and the television prices go down.  The growth in 3D television and smart television sets will also push towards increment once the supporting elements, like movies, also become accessible and there is more awareness.