How To Apply Instagram Effects Online

Applying Instagram effects online is very needful for those people who can’t upload their pics on social networks without editing it on Instagram. But how To apply Instagram effects online? Well, today I’m here to share some cool websites which will help you to apply the best Instagram effects online. Instagram is considered to be the best photo editing application for smartphones on iOS and Android too. But what if one doesn’t own an iPhone or any Android device but still wants to apply instagram effects on his/her pics? So here I’m teaching how to apply Instagram effects online using these 5 best websites which I think are the best for this purpose.

Many people prefer to add filters whenever they decide to upload a picture on social networks with their friends. Instagram has some of the coolest filters ever and people love using this photo app on their smartphones. But people can’t think of anything when it comes to editing their photos online and applying filters which are similar to that of Instagram. So I’ve shortlisted the 5 websites which I think are the best ones to use to apply Instagram effects online when you’re not using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

1. EffectyGram : It’s a premium Instagram editing software which allows you to edit your images in style and quickly. Infuse life into photographs by choosing from a large number of dramatic Instagram like effects and frames. These effects are fun and entertaining. They really make your photos stand out from the crowd. You can easily save them on your computer and then share!

2. CloneGram : CloneGram is another such web application which allows you to apply Instagram effects online. It has a simple criterion to edit images. CloneGram has around 16 Instagram like filters to choose from. You just need to upload your image, choose the preferred filter and download your new edited picture.

3. Rollip : Rollip is considered to be one of the best web-based photo editing softwares. Rollip offers around 80+ effects which can allow you to apply Instagram effects online easily for free. It’s quite easy and fast as compared to others too. Rollip is super simple to use, first choose any digital photo from your collection. Next, choose any effect you like to spice up your photo. Now download your creation or share it!

4. InstantRetro : Instant Retro is super simple and free to use. It has unlimited possibilities to edit your photos in different Instagram styles. It allows fast presets and profiles. It allows social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google + too.

5. PicMonkey : Pic Monkey allows ads-free photo editing and even allows you to create collages. It has many glorious Instagram effects online and exclusive lux-o designs. The touch up effects add glamour to your pic, the lip tint makes your kiss even more sweeter, the wrinkle remover works the best and it also gives you good riddance to bad pixels.

These were the 5 best websites which allow you to apply Instagram effect online without the use of an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Out of all these, EffectyGram and Rollip are the best in my view but even the other 3 have great Instagram like effects and I even use them accordingly. These were the 5 best web apps which can help you to apply Instagram effects online. I hope you enjoyed reading the article, keep supporting!