Is this Meghan Markle’s doppelgänger? Meet model Erica Lauren, who gets mistaken for the new royal on Instagram

Finding celebrity lookalikes on social media is not new and the fame that comes with the uncanny resemblance can often take one on cloud nine! Something similar happened to Erica Lauren when her Instagram account was flooded with comments about her resemblance to the new royal Meghan Markle.

Yes, owing to the all the hype around the Royal Wedding 2018, where Markle exchanged vows with Britain’s Prince Harry, many social media users on Instagram could not overlook her doppelgänger.

Lauren, a professional plus-size model is not new to being in the limelight. She admits that since the beginning of her career, she has been compared to Markle — when the Duchess of Sussex was an ruling hearts with her television stint. Talking to the Insider, Lauren said in the initial days she had no idea who Markle was and kept getting referred to as the “girl from Suits”.