PDF To Excel Converter

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Do you want to convert your PDF files to excel? Maybe you have some tabulated data in PDF files and you want to extract it into spreadsheet xls format? Maybe you lost the original spreadsheet and need to work with the data? Then, you can easily do it by converting your PDF spreadsheets into the excel format. Through this, you can modify or edit anything in your spreadsheet as per your preferences. With an excel sheet, you can also forward your spread sheet to your staff or coworkers, if you want them to make any changes to it.
We provide you with an easy conversion platform where you can convert your PDF files into excel. And, this service is absolutely free of cost, so that you do not have to worry about buying software for large amounts of money. And, why even download software. On FoxyUtils.com, you do not have to download any software on your computer, in order to convert your PDF files into excel. You can simply do it by just visiting our online website.
How to convert your PDF into excel?
We make it very easy to convert your PDF files into excel. You can do this by following the below mentioned steps:
Step 1: Upload your PDF files
The first thing you need to convert your PDF into an excel file is to upload the PDF document that you want to convert on our ‘PDF to Excel’ convert page. For this, you just have to drag your PDF document in the space provided. You can do so by either browsing through your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive. This means that even if you do not have the PDF file, which you want to convert, on your computer, you can still convert it by uploading it through your Dropbox or Google Drive.
Step 2: Review/manage the PDF files to convert
The second step in the PDF to excel conversion process is to manage your PDF files. This means that you need to check if all the PDF files that you want to convert into excel are uploaded by you and are displayed in the table. The table also shows the capacity of each of your PDF file, with the total number of MBs that you are converting. And, if by chance you feel that you do not want to convert a particular file, you can still do so by clicking the ‘dustbin’ trash icon displayed on the right side of every file.
Step 3: Convert
Finally, you can convert your files by clicking on the ‘PDF to Excel!’ button. Now, you can download your excel files onto your computer for using them further. For multi-page PDF files, the results for each page will appear on a separate tab in the resulting xls file.
By following these three steps, you can easily and quickly convert all your PDF files to excel. However, let me tell you that the maximum total file size is 50 MB. So, if you want to convert bigger PDF files, you can register for a free account on our website, in order to expand the maximum total file size to 200MB.
So, convert your PDF to excel files and see for yourself how great it works.