SEO : 7 Best Search Engines To Submit Your Website/Blog For Unique Visits

SEO, a very important aspect to keep in mind as a blogger, when you are looking to drive huge traffic to your website or blog. As a beginner i struggled a lot to learn about all this stuff and today i am here with my first SEO article. I will share the basic tip for SEO which would really help to make it for those who want unique hits and if they have attractive content, they can convert those unique visits to daily traffic. So i am gonna start with :

What is SEO ?

Yeah to be frank, it took a good time for me to understand the exact meaning of that word. SEOstands for Search Engine Optimization, it refers to a process of improving the visibility of a website/blog/page in search engines by random searches by anonymous users from different search engines. Here another question arises ” Why SEO ? “, it’s answer will be that to get more visitors frequently it’s really important for a website to appear on the top of the web search page, as the users don’t want to go to the second or third page for their query. Also, search engines provide a good number of backlinks which is a great SEO tactic.

A Search Engine with a higher PR (PageRank) provides more backlinks to your website which increases your daily visits and pageviews. More the number of backlinks from different search engines, more are the chances of getting a good PR for your website. So the main point arrives here, i will share 7 top search engines with links to submit your website or blog to which can drive many unique visitors to your site if you have great content.

Top Search Engines To Submit Your Website :

  1.  Google – The foremost thing to do when you have started a new website or blog, submit it to PR-1 search engine ” Google “. Submit Site To Google .
  2.  Yahoo – The next best search engine to submit your site to with PR 9, Submit Site To Yahoo.
  3. Bing – It also submits to MSN search (PR 8), Submit Site To Bing .
  4. Baidu and Sogou – These are the two chinese search engines with a PR of 9 and 7 respectively, which can drive many visitors to your site. I recommend you to open these sites in Google Chrome with Translate option so you can easily understand the language. Submit Site To Baidu , Submit Site To Sogou .
  5. Gigablast – This is also a good search engine with PR 7 which could help you too, Submit Site To Gigablast .
  6. Entireweb – Submit Site To Entireweb . (PR 6)
  7. Scrubtheweb – Submit Site To Scrubtheweb . (PR 6)
Submitting your website to these will certainly help you to blog better and have a good number of daily visits to your blog. I hope you liked this post, visit daily for more cool updates. Thanks for reading my article. Feel free to drop by your views as they inspire me to write more.