Trolls and ‘their grandmas’ disapproved of Swara Bhasker’s masturbation scene in ‘Veere…’, but guess who had the last laugh?

Even as Veere Di Wedding continues to rake in money at the box office, the trolls seem to be in an overdrive, shaming the actors for merely doing their job. What happens to have irked many is a scene in which Swara Bhasker’s character Sakshi uses a dildo to masturbate. But what seemed strange was that many Twitter users happened to watch the film with their grandmothers and all of them had the same thing to say after they “came out of the theater” — “I’m hindustan and i am ashamed of #veerediwedding”. Strangely (or not), they all ended up spelling masturbation as ‘masturabation’ while tweeting. After Joy Das, a Twitter user, pointed out the similarity in the pattern these ‘sanskari Indians’ had used to troll Bhasker and the film, Netizens got down to doing what they know best — getting the trolls to toe the line.

The tweet that was posted across handles, with not even a comma changed, read: “Hey @ReallySwara just watched #VeereDiWedding with my grandmother. We got embarrassed when that masturabation scene came on screen. as we came out of the theater my grandmother said ” I’m hindustan and i am ashamed of #VeereDiWedding”. The last part of the tweet might sound familiar to many, because it was one of the most commonly used lines by trolls back home against the film, when Pakistan banned it for “vulgar language”.

Check out how certain grandmothers happen to get really pissed with Swara Bhasker after watching Veere Di Wedding.