The Universal and International Infinity Day or most commonly known as ‘Infinity Day’ falls on the 8th of August every year. The first person to lead this day in 1987 was Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo who wished to celebrate Philosophy.

People around the globe celebrate the ‘Infinity Day’ by holding peaceful demonstrations for freedom of expression and speech. Have you ever seen the symbol of Infinity? It looks like this:


Yes, the shape of Infinity is the reason why The Infinity Day is celebrated on the 8th Day of the 8th Month! ☺

The Infinity Day is supposed to be a day to promote the value of ‘philosophy’ for all. This holiday was first brought up by writer, poet, journalist, science-fiction author and philosopher Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo. He was a side-walk philosopher who became known as The Original New York City Free Advice Man who promoted this holiday where he was living in 1987 and that is New York, and later in few other cities like U.S. and Europe.

Infinity is a concept of being without limit! The example is often given of the counting numbers. No matter how large your number is, you can always add 1 to it and make it a bigger number.

Infinity day has been celebrated in the form of non-violent, peaceful and lawful demonstrations for philosophical enquiries, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and ethics in society, all over the world.

International and Universal Infinity Day is our day to celebrate Art, Science, Philosophy and Life! It’s a day when we should encourage everyone around us to think deeply and ponder over deep philosophical questions regarding our journey and what we want from life, or how we actually want our lives to be! We should ask ourselves other questions like; why are we here? What are the logical implications of a universe that is Infinite? This day has to be exactly opposite of thoughts and feelings like Envy, Hate, Violence, Irrational Fear etc.

After all, this day is all about Wisdom, Peace, Love, Empathy, Mutual Understanding, Values and Ethics etc. This day is meant for Philosophers, Artists, Scientists and Spiritual and Scientific Lovers for life who seeks to unravel the various mysteries of Life and Humanity!