World No Tobacco Day: Twitterati share tips to QUIT smoking and curb HEART diseases

The perils of tobacco need no retelling. Not only is it dangerous for health, it causes lung cancer and many other hazardous diseases. It seems to be one of the most serious problems the world is struggling with right now. According to World Health Organization (WHO), smoking is apparently one of the most lethal epidemics threatening public health and one kills more than seven million people every year. To raise awareness about the health hazards and encourage people to quit the habit, May 31 is observed as World No Tobacco Day every year.

This year, the focus of the day is “tobacco and heart disease”. The campaign intends to raise awareness about the link between tobacco and heart diseases and also lays down the measures — that both, the public and the government, can take to curb the health risks.

To spread the word, people took to social media to raise awareness about the dangerous consequences. Calling it a “slow poison”, one wrote, “”Tobacco is a slow poison which kills us and kills our loved ones gradually every day…. Let us save the lives of our loved ones from this poison which is ruining our lives and murdering our happiness and health…. Say no to tobacco,” another wrote, “Replacing the smoke on your face with a smile today will replace illness in your life with happiness tomorrow. Quit now.”

Here are some of the tweets.